Opportunities don't happen.You create them.

What We Do

360 Nautica is a venture builder and a growth capital platform with a focus on helping Entrepreneurs grow from idea stage to self-sustainable businesses. For over a decade we have been working on creating legendary enterprises and have partnered with many to achieve our dream.

Founded and mentored by first generation entrepreneurs, 360 Nautica is known for incubating, funding, and hand-holding founders to make their businesses VC-ready. While we follow a sector-agnostic investment approach, our core team has successfully built businesses and worked with companies in consumer marketplaces, consumer credit and finance, retail, IT, SaaS, and power, among others.

With a presence across Middle East and Asia, 360 Nautica acts as a bridge for young entrepreneurs operating as a venture builder. To the right startups that we partner with, we provide critical operational support to help them build market-leading companies. We will provide office space with IT support, HR, finance, legal and marketing services such as data analytics, and online and offline marketing support, this way the start-up can focus on its core business.

If you want to gain our attention, then you need to have these 7 basic aspects that we look for in all the entrepreneurs we support.


Our expertise services are available to you
under the following areas


We provide immense support and our time to all our entrepreneurs. We matchmake mentors and founders to give them the best experience possible and also gain sound advice. Mentorship is a unique relationship and we look forward to creating personal and trusted relationships with all our portfolio companies. Entrepreneurs deserve this kind of attention and guidance.


Networking for entrepreneurs is crucial. They need to network with partners, global majors and other entrepreneurs. Sharing of similar experiences and challenges, helps entrepreneurs gain from like-minded people. We help build a community of entrepreneurs who can connect with each other and learn from each other.


We offer business incubation programmes that create and grow young businesses by providing them with the necessary support. We provide administrative and technical support that are crucial for the growth of early stage entrepreneurial ventures. Businesses are most vulnerable during the early stages of business; and our objective is to help them navigate this period successfully and help them grow.


We invest into start-ups that are passionate at heart and willing to conquer the world with their venture. We strongly believe that people make an organisation and we will invest where we see passion and commitment from the founders. We believe in long term relationships and the vision of the founders is critical for the partnership to succeed.